"At Bryn Mawr, education goes beyond the classroom."

photo of Rachel Kutten“I have learned much from my peers, not only by taking part in student activities on campus, but through conversations in the dining hall and dorms. As a tutor at Bryn Mawr’s Writing Center, I have often encountered differing analyses of the same texts in my peers’ papers. One important thing to remember at Bryn Mawr is that you do not have to be a professor to teach others and you do not have to be a student to learn.

“People come from so many different backgrounds that diversity of opinion is the norm in class discussions. In one of my classes when we discussed the impact of social class in the United States, many of the students were eager to contribute to the topic while discussing their own life experiences. It was the first time I heard the issue of social class discussed so openly.”photo of Rachel Kutten

Rachel Kutten ’13
Montgomery Village, Md.
Major(s): Sociology
Minor(s): English

Note: Rachel Kutten is a peer tutor at Bryn Mawr's Writing Center and an active participant in a number of student organizations. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, she is pursuing a study of “cyber-racism” in online communities and what it implies about the way Americans talk about race offline. “Internet communities,” Kutten argues, “can provide social support and venues of expression for people who are negatively impacted by inadequate discussion of race offline.”