“Learning to step outside of my comfort zone became my first step to being a leader”

Photo of Priya Gupta
“Upon arriving to campus, I participated in the Tri-Co program that introduces students from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to many challenging issues and conflicts that they may face upon their arrival to campus. The topics discussed at Tri- co include issues of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. This program really pushed students to share and perform beyond their comfort zones. Learning to step outside of my comfort zone became my first step to being a leader because I was able to approach situations or conflicts by using a technique I had never experimented with or viewing a statement with a different mindset.”

“Bryn Mawr also has a vast number of clubs, organizations, and leadership opportunities that were advertised to freshman the moment we arrived on campus. I formed close relationships with strong, dedicated seniors who had experience in many of these opportunities. I was immediately inspired to become as radiant and involved as these women. So I began running for board positions, establishing relief efforts for Haiti on campus, and familiarizing myself with supportive faculty and staff members! As I became more involved I was given more responsibility. I would have never been involved in these various activities without the help of beautiful women.”

“Through these various activities and leadership positions, I was able to practice being a leader who one can confide in, who takes risks, and who is okay with feeling uncomfortable or having an opposing viewpoint. This practice has definitely made me more confident and has helped me re-visit the question of ‘what kind of leader do I want to be? And how do I accomplish that?’ Looking back on my senior year in high school, I would have been terrified to even fill out an application for a board position in SGA [Self-Government Association] or to join a club I knew nothing about, simply because I was afraid of being rejected.”

Priya Gupta ’13
Silver Spring, MD
Major(s): Independent Global Public Health

Note: In the summer of 2012, Gupta traveled to India through Haverford’s Center for Peace and Global Citizenship Program to work in The Holy Family Hospital in Koderma, India. This missionary hospital specializes in maternity care and Gupta’s work included delivering babies, learning to set up cannula IV’s and saline drips, giving vitamin K injections to newborns, and mastering the art of washing and bathing newborn babies. She participated in a public health vaccination program run by the sisters that vaccinated 200 children in the surrounding area against polio, DPT, and BCG. Gupta also taught English in a Hindi-medium school nearby.