"Bryn Mawr encourages young women to step into places where no one has been before."

photo of Maya Ajmera“Bryn Mawr gives you tools you need  in any career. After graduating with an A.B. in biology, I intended to become a pediatrician, but I reach more kids as the founder of the Global Fund for Children, which has benefited hundreds of innovative grassroots groups that work with children around the world. My training in science taught me how to assess a problem and formulate the questions that lead to a solution; Bryn Mawr also taught me to write powerfully and persuasively. Most importantly, it gave me the freedom to explore and the confidence to pursue my vision.”
photo of Maya Ajmera

Maya Ajmera ’89
the Global Fund for Children
Washington, D.C.

Major(s): Biology

Note: Maya Ajmera founded the Global Fund for Children in 1994 after earning a Master of Public Policy degree from the Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University. GFC make small grants to innovative community-based organizations working with some of the world’s most vulnerable children and youth. Since its founding, GFC has awarded more than $20 million in capital to over 400 grassroots organizations in 75 countries, serving more than a million children. The organization is complemented by a dynamic media program that, through children’s books, documentary photography and film, highlights the issues affecting children and celebrates global diversity. Ajmera is the co-author of many award-winning GFC books including Children from Australia to Zimbabwe and Extraordinary Girls.