“Everyone at Bryn Mawr comes from someplace different, but we’re united by common goals and a shared commitment to making a difference.”

“Bryn Mawr encourages you to find out more about where other people come from, both culturally and intellectually, and as a result, I’ve formed lasting relationships with people who come from totally different places. Although it felt a little overwhelming at first, Bryn Mawr’s diversity has been tremendously empowering; not only have I had the chance to learn about the life experiences of my peers, I’ve learned how to interact with people who think differently than I do.”

“I grew up in a rural Michigan town where everyone knew everyone else. When I was looking for a college, finding a place with a strong sense of community was incredibly important to me, so Bryn Mawr’s dorm life, traditions, and alumnae network were all large factors in my decision to come here. Having been a part of Bryn Mawr’s community, I now envision community as a network of support. Traditions and our strong sense of place help to cement that sense of unity, but it’s individual women who make Bryn Mawr’s community so strong; our community is made up of amazing people who have made a conscious commitment to making a difference in the lives of those around them.


Madison Schaeffer ’11
Manchester, Mich.
Major(s): Biology
Minor(s): Anthropology

Note: In 2009, Madison Schaffer was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Foundation Science Horizons Internship to work at the University of Michigan during the summer. Under the direction of Dr. Jim Diana and his graduate student, Soloman David, she studied distribution and population variations of spotted gar fish. Then in 2010, Schaeffer spent her summer working with Bryn Mawr’s biology department studying lizard thermoregulations and movement analysis and at La Seviletta field station in New Mexico completing fieldwork as part of the Summer Science Program.