"Bryn Mawr gives students opportunities to explore and develop precisely what civic responsibility means to them."

photo of Katherine Bakke with letter in hand

photo of Katherine Bakke“In summer 2009, a Kaplan-Kandel Internship supported my volunteer work with the Migrant Outreach Project at the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center in Cornelius, Oregon. The Migrant Outreach Project brought a mobile clinic and a team of medical professionals and volunteers to the camps where migrant laborers live during the harvest season. My time with the program was spectacular; I loved the people with whom I worked, my conversational Spanish improved immensely, and I gained insight into a particular culture that is present and prevalent in my home state.

“The experience also shed insight into my particular goals concerning medicine. I had always known I wanted to work as a physician taking care of vulnerable populations, but through my volunteer work I realized there was a lot to be learned from preventative and public health. Since volunteering with the clinic, I have decided to pursue an MD/MPH (Master’s in Public Health) combined degree. I’m taking the next steps in this particular path this summer, when I’ll be working as a Hepburn Intern at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, conducting public-health research about health-care access and disparities on the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Katherine Bakke ’11
Portland, Oregon
Major(s): Religion, pre-med

Note: Attracted by Bryn Mawr's commitment to civic engagement, Katherine Bakke arrived on campus with a strong sense of civic responsibility. As a first-year student, she dove headfirst into the Bryn Mawr community. Joining the Social Justice Partnership Program introduced her to a range of perspectives she hadn't experienced before; reporting on student government for the Bi-College News (she eventually became an editor) inspired her to join the SGA's plenary committee, which considers resolutions that are put to a vote by the whole undergraduate student body twice a year. During her summer vacations, she has taken her sense of community far beyond the boundaries of Bryn Mawr, discovering a vocation along the way. She is blogging about her summer internship in Arizona at Bryn Mawr Women Go Places in the Summer.