"The global education I am receiving at Bryn Mawr will be especially useful as the world becomes more interconnected.

photo of Jomaira Salas“Because Bryn Mawr is a catalyst for civic-minded students who wish to contribute to the world, it is producing the leaders of tomorrow. As a student, learning about the education crisis that is happening throughout the world, I felt responsible to use what I learned in the classroom when I worked at a local high school in Philadelphia. Learning about issues such as poverty, education, and public health has allowed me to develop a sense of responsibility to be active in changing destructive patterns as much as I can.

“The extraordinary education and awareness that I’ve received both inside and outside of the classroom at Bryn Mawr has shown me that there are many others who do not have access to the knowledge we obtain here.  Therefore, I have learned to not only care about being active in increasing access but to also spread the same sense of responsibility to my family and friends at home.  A perfect example of this was my trip to Bangladesh to attend a conference and visit the Asian University for Women. This opportunity not only allowed me to become more aware and active in issues of global access to education, but also exposed my family and friends to what it means to be a civically responsibly, globally engaged citizen.”

photo of Jomaira Salas

Jomaira Salas ’13
Lynn, Mass.
Major(s): Sociology
Minor(s): Education

Note: Jomaira Salas, a first-generation college student, was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Lynn, Mass. After completing a Bryn Mawr College Summer of Service internship in the Philadelphia Mayor's Office, she became the student coordinator for Bryn Mawr's partnership with Parkway West High School in West Philadelphia. In early 2011, she blogged about her trip to Bangladesh for an international conference hosted by the Asian University for Women. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, she is pursuing a research project comparing the effects of immigration policy and public attitudes toward immigration on the educational aspirations of students in Philadelphia and Paris, where she is spending a semester studying abroad.