Profiles in Transformative Community

Madison Schaeffer ’11

“Everyone at Bryn Mawr comes from someplace different, but we’re united by common goals and a shared commitment to making a difference.”
photo of Kate Severance

Kate Severance ’12

"We continually question, and that is why we are Bryn Mawrters."
photo of Ellie Rhymer

Ellie Rhymer ’12

"Civic Engagement has taught me the value of listening to many voices."

Apocalipsis Rosario ’11

"Attending Bryn Mawr has broadened my definition of diversity."

Jessica Pui Wong ’12

"Bryn Mawr is always giving us ways to get involved with the local community."

Katherine Bakke ’11

"Bryn Mawr gives students opportunities to explore and develop precisely what civic responsibility means to them."

Kimberly Blessing ’97

"Spending four years in a community that encouraged and wanted me to achieve gave me confidence that I carried with me."

Aheli Purkayastha ’09

"This was an environment where I could see myself both learning and growing—and not just in the classrooms."

Bernadette Sargeant ’83

"Democracy works only if government officials act in the public interest rather than their own narrow self-interest."

Amanda Preston ’09

"I love the person I've become at Bryn Mawr."

Tiffany Shumate ’08

"Education is transformative. When I came to Bryn Mawr, I wasn't thinking of teaching or working with schools. Look how much I have changed."

Shayna Israel ’08

"Feminism is not a dirty word to me. It is like a freedom song."

Rhonda Hughes

"A less diverse pool of talent means a less robust pool of talent."