Profiles in Independent Thinking

Clarence Jasper MSS ’13

“I chose to attend Bryn Mawr because their professors all bring something different to the table, which helps me step back and see the whole mosaic that is social work.”

Hosanna Odhner ’13

"Professors at Bryn Mawr are incredibly invested in their students."
photo of Rachel Kutten

Rachel Kutten ’13

"At Bryn Mawr, education goes beyond the classroom."
photo of Michelle Francl

Michelle Francl

"Passion drives so much of science."
photo of Julia Ferraioli

Julia Ferraioli ’07

"Studying computer science at Bryn Mawr meant that I could concentrate on learning instead of being the representative of a gender."

Mary Florence Sullivan ’11

"No matter which direction your mind or your interests take you, you can always find some kind of niche at Bryn Mawr."

Katherine Rowe

"My research is often driven by the questions my students bring to the classroom."

Ntshadi Mofokeng ’12

"At Bryn Mawr, I've explored my known interests and discovered new ones."

Sarah Christian ’11

"Daily conversations with intelligent, motivated women enhance the academic environment immeasurably."

Akua Nyame-Mensah ’10

"Bryn Mawr has enabled me to pursue all of my interests, academic and extracurricular."

Sherry Ortner ’62

"At Bryn Mawr, I felt the world open up to me."

Nicole Gervasio ’09

"Before coming to Bryn Mawr, I never imagined being able to attend graduate school."

Farar Elliott ’87

"Bryn Mawr focuses intellectual effort on the relentless pursuit of one's passion."

Deepak Kumar

"Robots are part of our lives. So the question is, how can we empower students to use robotics, to shape it?"

Ellen Stroud

"People, and the structures and social processes they create, are an integral part of nature."

Annalisa Crannell ’87

"Choosing to go to Bryn Mawr really helps you reframe the way you think about yourself."

Kate Thomas

"Gender and sexuality are historical and theoretical categories, made and made again by the shifting complexities of our culture."

Maggie Siff ’95

"Stimulating the mind, in any way, can stimulate the imagination. In this sense my intellectual life has a profound impact on my craft."

Peter Magee

"What drives me is the opportunity to challenge stereotypes."

Teyvonia Thomas ’09

"The laboratories at Bryn Mawr have a constant spirit of invention and innovation."