"This was an environment where I could see myself both learning and growing—and not just in the classrooms."

purkayasthapurkayastha-1“I chose Bryn Mawr because I wanted a place where I felt I could be challenged and be motivated by my peers, and a community where women from all different backgrounds could come together and apply what they learn in the classroom to making a difference in the world.

“What struck me during my first visit here was that this was an environment where I could see myself both learning and growing—not just in the classrooms, but through my interactions with very impressive and very self-directed women. Since my first year here, I’ve had opportunities to follow my interest in social justice. Whether it was participating in the weeklong Tri-College Summer Institute on Race, Class and Gender or by co-facilitating a Social Justice Pilot Program cohort group of seven women from different backgrounds and different life experiences, I’ve found that I have had the power to help shape my community. I have known that if something did not meet my needs, I could create a new initiative. Now as Self-Government Association President, I get the opportunity to work with students, faculty and staff to make sure that Bryn Mawr is a place that fosters growth and leadership among all of us.”

Aheli Purkayastha ’09
Simsbury, CT
Major(s): history of art, political science at Haverford
Minor(s): fake minor for testing, tjkejk

Note: Aheli Purkayastha has pursued her interest in social justice during summer breaks as well as during the academic year. She has interned for Democracy Works, an organization that does voter registration initiatives for typically underrepresented voters, and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Last summer, she took a course on racism, went to Japan, and attended the UNESCO Intergenerational Leadership Forum.