• Independent Thinking

    • Clarence Jasper MSS ’13»

      Major(s): Clinical Social Work

      “I chose to attend Bryn Mawr because their professors all bring something different to the table, which helps me step back and see the whole mosaic that is social work.”

    • Hosanna Odhner ’13»

      Major(s): Physics

      “Professors at Bryn Mawr are incredibly invested in their students.”

    • Rachel Kutten ’13»

      Major(s): Sociology

      “At Bryn Mawr, education goes beyond the classroom.”

    • Michelle Francl»

      “Passion drives so much of science.”

    • Julia Ferraioli ’07»

      Developer Advocate, Google Mountain View, Calif.

      “Studying computer science at Bryn Mawr meant that I could concentrate on learning instead of being the representative of a gender.”

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  • Global Engagement

    • Priya Gupta ’13»

      Major(s): Independent Global Public Health

      “Learning to step outside of my comfort zone became my first step to being a leader”

    • Jomaira Salas ’13»

      Major(s): Sociology

      “The global education I am receiving at Bryn Mawr will be especially useful as the world becomes more interconnected.

    • Lakshmi Somasundaram ’13»

      Major(s): Psychology, with a concentration in Neural and Behavioral Sciences

      “Our institution really trusts the student body and values our input.”

    • Tsega Mekonnen Meshesha ’13»

      Major(s): Sociology

      “Every day I feel like I’m learning something new about myself that is going to make me a better leader.”

    • Antonia Kerle ’11»

      Major(s): Sociology

      “I have no doubt that after graduation my classmates will go on to make positive changes around the world.”

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  • Transformative Community

    • Madison Schaeffer ’11»

      Major(s): Biology

      “Everyone at Bryn Mawr comes from someplace different, but we’re united by common goals and a shared commitment to making a difference.”

    • Kate Severance ’12»

      Major(s): English

      “We continually question, and that is why we are Bryn Mawrters.”

    • Ellie Rhymer ’12»

      Major(s): English, with a concentration in creative writing

      “Civic Engagement has taught me the value of listening to many voices.”

    • Apocalipsis Rosario ’11»

      Major(s): Sociology

      “Attending Bryn Mawr has broadened my definition of diversity.”

    • Jessica Pui Wong ’12»

      Major(s): Theater

      “Bryn Mawr is always giving us ways to get involved with the local community.”

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